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What if YOU could learn simple, yet powerful SELF-CARE strategies to bring YOUR BEST-SELF to life?

The 1-2-3 Wellness experience, which has empowered individual leaders, schools and organizations across the country to bring wellness to life, equips learners of all ages with tools to THRIVE.


1-2-3 Wellness starts with YOU first.

Then, you can draw upon your powerful foundation to help others. Through 1-2-3 Wellness, ALL learners are empowered with research-based tools to mindfully develop healthy habits one powerful step at a time.

  • Do you want to learn practical ways manage stress amid your busy life?

  • Would you be interested in dozens of wellness tools that are simple and incredibly powerful?

  • Are you interested in cultivating mindfulness and building stronger, more connected relationships?

  • Would you like to create healthy habits to help you thrive beginning today?

  • Would you like to help your students become more self-aware and responsible for making healthy decisions?

  • Are you interested in teaching social and emotional learning (SEL), mindfulness and self-care to your kids/students?

  • Are you sometimes a “giver” who generally doesn’t take enough time for your self?

    If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are going to LOVE 1-2-3 Wellness!


Are you a school leader wanting more information about bringing 1-2-3 Wellness to YOUR school?

You’re also invited to CONTACT US for more info.

The video below offers a small taste of what we can cultivate for YOU and your STUDENTS.

Plus, the core components of 1-2-3 Wellness are now available through a powerful online video course!

You’re invited to join educators across the country by taking the self-paced, 21-day self care challenge AND earn 3 GRAD CREDITS from a top University!

This online video course will help you Invest in yourself. invest in your students. Plus, earn grad credit at the same time.

How cool is that?


1-2-3 WELLNESS is a research based approach supporting educators in bringing self-care, social and emotional learning (SEL) and mindfulness to life for themselves and their students.

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1-2-3 Wellness is a powerful process which honors and uplifts the great work you are already doing rather than adding more work to your plate! Imagine how much more successful you and your students will be when ALL learners start from a foundation of calm. 1-2-3 Wellness can be implemented school-wide, by individual educators in their classrooms & even by parents at home to foster consistency and cohesion.

Together, we’ll create healthy habits to help you DE-STRESS during difficult times and learn tools to help you and your students, everyday, to feel more:






and in tune with tools to help you THRIVE.

If your school or organization is investing in student and educator wellness through 1-2-3 Wellness, you are in for a POWERFUL experience. Imagine your whole school or organization empowered by common wellness language, robust and research-based tools, healthy habits and cohesive support.

If you opt to take the the 21-day self-care challenge video course independently or with a group, you can choose the pace that is right for you. Take the challenge in 21 days or over the course of 3-4 months. Challenges are fun, practical and inspirational!

When you take the ONLINE VIDEO COURSE experience featuring the 21 day self-care challenge, you will:

  • Learn how to cultivate your OWN self-care

  • Learn how to empower STUDENTS to take responsibility for their emotions and self-care

  • Receive a powerful wellness library filled with 36 powerful self-care tools 

  • Watch 21 videos for a total of 21 fun, practical self-care challenges 

  • Learn how to bring Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) and mindfulness to life in your classroom

  • Learn practical tools for working with thoughts and emotions to promote healthy habits

  • Receive an e-workbook filled with practical tools to use every day

  • Complete assignments that are simple, fun and practical

  • Earn 3 graduate credits while investing in yourself and your students


Together, we focus on a ways to increase self-awareness, social awareness and responsible decision making through the art and science of mindfulness. Using a simple 3-step process, all learners are taught practical steps for becoming in-tune with their emotions and what they need in the moment. Learners are equipped with a rich library of wellness tools and taught to offer self-care so that they can responsibly be the directors of their social, emotional, behavioral and academic success. By learning to mindfully develop self and social awareness, label one’s emotions and chose a wellness practice that corresponds to that emotion, learners:

  • Increase self-care and agency

  • Increase their capacity to recognize and regulate emotions

  • Foster self-compassion, grit and perseverance

  • Increase empowerment skills and the capacity to meet their own needs proactively

  • Increase healthy habits which can translate to improved academic performance, social skills and behavior

This self-care and holistic wellness opportunity is a GAME-CHANGER. I can’t wait for you to get started with these practical, powerful and life-changing tools!