Drew Schwartz is the founder of Gateway2change, creator of "The Core-5" and leading Change & Empowerment Specialist as well as leading International Speaker on Race, Diversity, Conflict and Mindset. 

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Drew is a highly sought after speaker, consultant and coach who serves as a catalyst for schools and purpose driven organizations. He helps people tap into their potential laden power to change the world. His goal is to transform the experiences of students, teachers and other educational leaders to revolve around empowerment. Drew received his bachelors degree from Emory University in Atlanta, his Masters degree from IDC in Israel in Government and Conflict Resolution and is currently earning his doctorate from the University of California- San Diego. Additionally, he has a number of certifications which serve as fuel to help others including:  Teaching certificate, Mindfulness in Schools, Executive Coaching, Cognitive Coaching, Data Based Decision Making and more. 

His greatest achievement has been helping other people transform their lives- transform their communities.  Drew's video courses have received rave reviews from educators revolutionizing their schools by embedding approaches like mindfulness, trauma informed practices, restorative practices and empowerment.  From U.S. and International Schools of all levels, collaborating with Harvard University, or being featured in major media on 2 continents with multiple organizations, he is a non-stop force for creating positive lasting change.

Imagine a midwest guy, hanging with friends on a rooftop patio in the middle-east. Momentarily, everyone stops to look off into the distance and see what appears to be a rocket headed straight toward you. Not even a mile away, the sheer speed, there's nowhere to go.

It's what happened each day from that moment, and many others throughout Drew's travels, which created his journey, mission, and story. Not a day goes by that Drew is not connecting or speaking on topics that are so vivid and raw in today's media, but so hard to discuss.

As a speaker, author, educator and executive coach, Drew has presented and published internationally with a focus on empowering people to tap into their strengths to create extraordinary results. His unique methods were crafted while teaching in Ferguson, earning a Masters degree in conflict resolution in Israel and through working with amazing change agents across the globe. Drew’s change and empowerment tools have been tested successfully under some of the harshest conditions around the globe.

Drew helps individuals, schools and organizations create proactive systems which help them thrive. He has been fortunate to collaborate with the King Center in Atlanta, Harvard University, Washington University, the National Coalition on School Diversity, the Center for School Transformation, St. Louis University, and other world renowned leaders in education, equity, wellness and empowerment.

If you've heard about the Gateway2change movement, you know Drew. In the midst of tremendous conflict in Ferguson, MO, Drew founded Gateway2change to help offer positive outlets to heal a broken community with the help of area student and educational leaders. Drew is excited to share the experiences and approaches he utilized in those groundbreaking efforts and apply them to YOUR success. 

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"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

- Martin Luther King Jr.