Empowered Behavior TM

Course Description

This video course offers research-based, trauma-informed tools designed to help you support students in taking RESPONSIBILITY for their behavior. Practical tools relate to topics including:

  • Socio-emotional Learning (SEL) Tools
  • Trauma Informed Practices
  • Mindfulness
  • Restorative Solutions
  • Empowering Students total responsibility for behavior
  • Character Education
  • Proactive Behavior Management and Dealing with Difficult Behaviors

Do you want students to take more responsibility for what they say and do? Do you want to cultivate and refine your behavior management skills in a way that EMPOWERS students to learn healthy, mindful ways to self-regulate their emotions and behavior?  Together, we focus on thoughts, emotions and needs below the surface in this course. As we learn to teach students how to increase their own self-awareness, mindfullness and capacity to self-regulate, everyone wins! Whether you are looking for proactive or responsive school wide and classroom tools or looking for novel ways to infuse restorative and trauma-informed practices into your day, this course will provide powerful support. Simple video reflections are the assignments for grad credit. Sign up by clicking the green button below to get started now!

Course Objectives

From this course, participants will:

  • Deepen understanding of socioemotional and cognitive (thoughts) factors which contribute to student behavior
  • Learn practical tools related to mindfulness which can be embedded into daily work
  • Learn practical tools related to trauma-informed practices
  • Develop practical tools related to proactive behavior management
  • Develop proactive tools related to responding (not reacting) to behavioral issues
  • Learn a practical tool related to restorative practices
  • Develop strategies for your own (and your students’) wellness and socio-emotional success
  • Learn tools which are a part of a system of support designed to empower student responsibility for their behavioral (and emotional) success
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