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Video Courses

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My video courses are user-friendly, convenient and effective. They are designed with busy educators like YOU in mind. Click above to enroll in a video course and get started today! Each video course is:

  • Engaging, fun and informative
  • Designed for teachers, administrators, social workers, counselors & other school leaders 
  • Composed of approximately 25 videos (average video length is 3-5 minutes) 
  • Accompanied by a complimentary electronic workbook guide 
  • Designed to empower you with tools to further propel your growth
  • Available for Graduate Credit
  • Filmed in studio as well as amazing places around the world like Paris & Rome

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Keynote Speaking

At your school or organization, you work hard every day.

Helping others.

Supporting the mission.

The vision.

The possibility.

Your work is meaningful.


Potential laden. 

You are changing people’s lives. 

You deserve a speaker that is passionate, dedicated and honored to work on YOUR team to deliver a message that helps propels your staff forward and resonate strongly. That motivates others. A speaker who offers a combination of tools, meaning and message to catalyze your continued growth. 

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Workshops & Consulting

Workshops and Consulting are focused on empowering your school or organization with tools that propel you to new heights. Student Summits are also a popular, empowering form of “workshop” that involves empowering students to think with a trajectory of aspiration about a topic and build together. Each experience (Workshop, Consulting, Leadership Coaching, Student Summit) is highly customized and includes in-person support, tools and resources along with follow-up support to promote your long-term empowerment and growth.

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Many people have amazing strengths and possibilities that are not fully unleashed. Why?

Sometimes life gets so busy. So stressful. We have so many items to check off our "to-do" lists that it can be easy to miss opportunities to thrive. 

What if it is YOUR time to thrive?     

How does it sound to have someone listen to your current strengths and possibilities and support you in creating a blueprint for unprecedented success?

Are you a leader looking to take your talents and impact to the next level? 

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