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At your school or organization, you work hard every day.

Helping others.

Bringing Your vision to life.

Creating possibility.

Your work is meaningful.


Potential laden. 

You are changing people’s lives. 

You deserve a keynote speaker that is passionate, dedicated and honored to work on YOUR team to deliver a message that helps propels your staff forward and resonate strongly. One who motivates others. A keynote speaker who helps people tap into their strengths to achieve previously unthinkable results. A speaker who offers a combination of tools, meaning and message to catalyze your continued growth. Drew has spoken to schools and organizations all over the country and world on topics such as: 

Drew Schwartz Keynote Speaking For Educators and Organizations.
  • Motivating greatness

  • Tapping into your purpose

  • Strengths-based approaches

  • Creating Powerful Habits

  • Using your thoughts, emotions and actions as fuel

  • Growth mindset in action

  • Leading with vision, empowered leadership

  • Conflict resolution

  • Communication

  • The power of diversity

  • Your story as a catalyst for growth

….and more

Drew would be honored to work alongside you and speak to your school or organization.

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