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In addition to promoting your own personal health and wellness, educators who participate in this mindfulness workshop are wisely investing in the short and long-term success of their school culture and climate. This workshop provides practical tools and resources to empower staff and students as they cultivate awareness and calm within the present moment thereby destressing and setting the stage for focused academic, socio-emotional and behavioral success. Mindfulness research shows that the more adults are regulated and equipped with tools to calmly access the prefrontal cortex portion of their brains, the benefits are pervasive and seen in the following targets:

  • Improved student behavior and academic outcomes due to increased focus and calm
  • Increased staff and student morale
  • Increased staff and student wellness and self-care
  • Increased staff and student attendance
  • Increased staff and student motivation

Trauma-Informed Practices

This workshop offers educators practical trauma-informed tools to apply immediately when addressing behavior and school culture. As our educational community looks to improve our capacity to meet and support student needs, we are beginning to look through a different (trauma-informed) lens that helps us shift from wondering “what is wrong” with our students to “what happened to” them. Later, with the tools provided in this workshop, we are able to strategically, simply and powerfully implement plans to not only meet student needs but to empower them with the tools to meet their own needs. Educators who participate in this workshop will leave with daily practices to proactively get started on the right foot as well as effective responsive (not reactive) approaches to behavior. Targets and outcomes addressed in this workshop include:

  • Improved student behavior and academic outcomes due to increased focus and calm
  • Increased staff knowledge of what trauma looks like and what is happening in the brain
  • Increased staff capacity to effectively address student behavior in a trauma-sensitive manner
  • Increased relationship building between students and staff
  • Improved student and staff self-care strategies
  • Decreased behavioral issues and resulting improved academic achievement

Strengths-Based Leadership

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Workshop participants will walk away from the strengths-based leadership workshop with a vivid idea of the power of a strengths versus deficit based approach as well as a plan for successful implementation. Leadership plans will include understanding the power of the strengths-based shift, ways to use data in a strengths-based manner, practical strengths-based words and phrases to use with students and colleagues and more. Practical tools and strategies imparted will lead to outcomes including:

  • Increased school morale and motivation
  • Improved school culture, climate and positive relationship building
  • Increased leadership effectiveness
  • Increased trust and motivation school wide

Keys to School Transformation



Schools throughout the nation have been led astray by the idea that “engagement” is the target educators should aspire towards. In this workshop, we will map out how the secret components of empowerment, which involves clarifying strengths and purpose, agency, growth mindset and more are key to positive transformation. Educators that tap into these keys, empowering students to ignite their own drive, experience unprecedented success.  With the paradigm shift and practical tools introduced, educators will address outcomes including:

  • Increased student efficacy and internal motivation (inspiration)
  • Increased growth mindset among educators and students
  • Increased sense of purpose/mission among students and educators
  • Increased capacity to catalyze long-term organizational change