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What is possible? You were meant for GREATNESS. Let’s bring it to life.

These solutions bring out the best in ALL learners and equip them with tools to THRIVE holistically!


1-2-3 Wellness


Bring Social and Emotional Learning, Mindfulness and Self-Care to Life!

1-2-3 Wellness is a powerful process that brings Social and Emotional Learning (SEL), Mindfulness and Self-Care to life for students, teachers and even parents!

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. 1-2-3 Wellness will help you transform your school or organization into a place where self-care and healthy relationships are the norm. Together, we focus on a ways to increase self-awareness, social awareness and responsible decision making through the art and science of mindfulness. Using a simple 3-step process, all learners are taught practical steps for becoming in-tune with their emotions and what they need in the moment. Learners are equipped with a rich library of wellness tools and taught to offer self-care so that they can responsibly be the directors of their social, emotional, behavioral and academic success. By learning to mindfully develop self and social awareness, label one’s emotions and chose a wellness practice that corresponds to that emotion, learners:

  • Increase self-care and agency

  • Increase their capacity to recognize and regulate emotions

  • Foster self-compassion, grit and perseverance

  • Increase empowerment skills and the capacity to meet their own needs proactively

  • Increase healthy habits which can translate to improved academic performance, social skills and behavior

1-2-3 Wellness is a game changer! Learn more HERE

The short VIDEO below offers a taste of what WE can cultivate with 1-2-3 Wellness together!

SuperPOWER Leaders

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Unleash SuperPOWERS: Your story, Purpose, Strengths, Growth Mindset & Beyond!

SuperPOWERed Leaders develop a vivid idea of the power of a strengths versus deficit based approach. SuperPOWERed leaders know that the biggest, most powerful, most vital and potential laden resource within an organization are the people. Guided by a 6 step process, leaders tap into the power of high leverage (high ROI) affective and effective dimensions. Leaders then are supported in developing plans that include understanding the power of the strengths-based shift, ways to use data in a strengths-based manner, practical strengths-based words and phrases to use with students and colleagues and more. Practical tools and strategies imparted will lead to outcomes including:

  • Increased morale and motivation

  • Enhanced capacity to connect with one’s purpose as a leader and translate that connect to relationships

  • Improved culture, climate and positive relationship building

  • Improved capacity to actualize growth mindset regularly

  • Increased communication and collaborative focus

  • Increased trust and motivation

The short VIDEO below offers a sample of game-changing pathways we will explore and conquer with our SuperPOWERS!


EmPOWERed Behavior


Equip Students With Trauma-Informed Tools to Become Responsible for Their Own Behavior!

Empowered Behavior supports educators in empowering students to take responsibility for their behavior! Empowered Behavior offers educators both proactive and responsive practical trauma-informed tools to apply immediately when addressing behavior and school culture. With ten primary, high-leverage tools serving as the foundation (5 proactive and 5 responsive), we are able to strategically, simply and powerfully implement plans to not only meet student needs but to empower students with the tools to meet their own needs. Educators learn daily, neurologically based practices to proactively get started on the right foot as well as effective responsive (not reactive) approaches to behavior. Targets and outcomes addressed in this Empowered Behavior include:

  • Improved student behavior and academic outcomes due to increased focus and calm

  • Increased staff knowledge of what trauma looks like and what is happening in the brain

  • Increased staff capacity to effectively address student behavior in a trauma-sensitive manner

  • Increased relationship building between students and staff

  • Improved student and staff self-care strategies

  • Decreased behavioral issues and resulting improved academic achievement

Ripple Program


 Become a Change Agent In Your School, Community and the World!

Today, we can either fixate on the world’s problems OR we can identify problems and create ways to solve them. Students and teachers, with their creativity, high energy and desire to grow and learn, want to make the world a better place. Sometimes, they lack the structure, framework and supports to actualize this desire. Ripple Schools supports ALL learners in becoming the creators of real solutions to be proud of!

Many students, as mentioned, want to improve the world and, in some cases, don’t know where to start. The Ripple Schools program offers an exciting, dynamic opportunity for learners to start with themselves as a vehicle for changing the world.

Supported by a unique Ripple framework, learners start with their own relationship with self (the 1st ripple). Learners develop self-awareness, self-esteem, self-compassion, awareness of strengths and an overall positive self concept. Next, learners invest in their relationship with others (the 2nd ripple) in terms of communication and positive connection. Next, learners invest in their relationship with the world (classroom, school, community or even with a community in a different state or country) to create a better world (the 3rd ripple).

Investing in relationships - with self, others and the world- the Ripple Program is a game changer for students and adults alike!