KRHS Media Will Rivers interviews "Gateway2change" Leadership

April 26, 2015
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On May 8, EducationPlus will reunite the original 14 schools, including Ritenour High Schools Social Justice Club, who came together to change the racial diversity in the St. Louis regional schools.

Student teams will create presentations, videos to demonstrate the students experiences they’ve had in the months following the summit. The schools will present to additional school teams, who will be joining the movement, as well as local and state educational authorities.

KRHS Media journalist interviewed the #Gateway2Change movement organizer, Education Plus’s Drew Schwartz, to explain how the movement evolved.

His partner, national award-winning speaker, Koran Bolden, also gives some insight to Rivers into the future of the #Gateway2Change movement.

Student participant from Parkway North, Senior Khalia Jones, describes the impact the movement has had on her as a student activist.