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Together, we'll learn practical tools to transform our schools into strengths-based communities of learning and thriving! 

Are you a busy school professional looking to take your amazing talents to the next level? The Empowered video courses are user-friendly, convenient and effective. They are designed for busy educators like YOU who are passionate about helping students thrive. Click above for a free demo trial or to enroll in a video course and get started today! Each video course is:

  • Engaging, self-paced and all online for you to take whenever and wherever you want
  • Designed for teachers, administrators, social workers, counselors & other school leaders 
  • Composed of approximately 25 videos (average video length is 3-5 minutes) 
  • Accompanied by a complimentary electronic workbook to guide your success
  • Designed to empower you with tools to further propel your growth
  • Graduate level credit offered by top Universities: University of California - San Diego Extension and Lindenwood University in St. Louis (3 graduate credit hours per course)
  • Filmed in studio as well as amazing places around the world like Paris & Rome




Empowered Teaching and Learning

Empowered Behavior- Trauma-Informed Practices


Empowered Teaching and Learning:  In this video course, you will learn a strengths-based system and research based tools designed to EMPOWER you and your students. Practical tools relate to topics including:

  • Strengths-based learning
  • Growth Mindset
  • Communication
  • Cultural Responsiveness
  • Teacher and Student Purpose (their WHY)
  • Motivation
  • Effective Reflection

As cutting edge research indicates, strengths-based approaches are high leverage and have the power to propel unprecedented outcomes. Guided by a transformative 5-step system, tools are incredibly effective and you can utilize them with daily lesson planning and more to increase motivation, tap into internal resources and improve academic outcomes. Together, we’ll learn how to go beyond engagement to empowerment (where internal motivation and strengths are in alignment with the surface level actions. Learning is driven from within and long lasting).   If you want to tap into the passion and potential inside of you and your students, this is the course for you! Simple video reflections are the assignments for grad credit. Sign up above to get started now!

Empowered Behavior:  This video course offers research based tools designed to help you support students in taking RESPONSIBILITY for their behavior. Practical tools relate to topics including:

  • Socio-emotional Tools
  • Trauma Informed Practices
  • Mindfulness
  • Restorative Solutions
  • Empowering Students total responsibility for behavior
  • Character Education 
  • Proactive Behavior Management and Dealing with Difficult Behaviors

If you want to cultivate and refine your behavior management tools while embedding practical trauma informed, Mindfullness, and restorative practices tools, this course is for you. Together, we focus on thoughts, emotions and needs below the surface which are key and a "missing piece" for many school wide and classrom approaches to behavior. As we learn to teach students how to increase their own self-awareness, mindfullness and capacity to self-regulate, everyone wins! Whether you are looking for proactive or responsive school wide and classroom tools or looking for novel ways to infuse restorative and trauma-informed practices into your day, this course will provide powerful support. Simple video reflections are the assignments for grad credit. Sign up above to get started now!


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Courses are proudly offered for graduate level credits (3 credits per course) in partnership with exceptional Universities including Lindenwood University in St. Louis and the University of California, San Diego Extension.

Whole School Plan:


As a school leader, are you looking for high-quality professional development that energizes your staff? Do you want resources that lead to immediate and long-term, positive outcomes that are seen in your data and felt your culture and climate? The Empowered courses are designed for you. School Administrators can purchase a video course “School Package” for your entire school to learn, collaborate and grow together. Whether you deploy the courses over PD days or across the semester or year (like Monday Motivators), your staff will have the opportunity to cultivate empowerment. You have the option of packaging the course with in-person workshops or leadership coaching with Drew to facilitate further dialogue and deeper learning.  You're in invited to reach out here to explore how these video courses can help empower your staff and students. 

Individual Plan:


Teachers, social workers, counselors: Please note that courses are offered in partnership with Universities, which means that individuals can earn 3 Graduate level Credit hours per course (6 Graduate Credit hours for both courses)!  Educators who opt to take the video courses for Graduate Credit will be asked to reflect on your experience with simple assignments (short video reflections) designed to support your work as you empower yourself and your students while earning graduate credit simultaneously.  More good news- once you register and pay above in a few simple steps, you are automatically registered to received your 3 graduate credit hours. It is that simple! *Teachers and school mental health professionals can receive discounts on course credit if your school purchases a whole school plan or if you sign up together with others at your school. 

*DISTRICT and MULTI-SCHOOL packages are also available so that you and your colleagues can learn together, support one another and thrive!